GM Volleyball Agency is a company specializing in the agency of top volleyball athletes in the world, whose objective is to respect the individuality of each athlete, understanding their essence and respecting their values.

It all started with the story of its founder, Geraldo Maciel Neto, who had a consolidated career in national volleyball, playing for the Brazilian youth team, when he played alongside big names in this sport. Even facing challenges in his career as a professional lifter, including overcoming a knee injury, Geraldo always had volleyball as his greatest passion and decided to dedicate himself to the sport off the court, then as an athlete's agent.

With the experience he had on the court, he took a lot of knowledge to his company’s baggage, enough to start managing careers that were already successful and mainly, names that could go unnoticed by untrained eyes.

For him, the success of an athlete is made up of some variables, such as talent, discipline, training, dedication and professionalism. Each element contributes to the construction of a complete individual in all spheres. Agency is a fundamental part in this context and even helps professionals to gather each ingredient in the right measure so that their career is successful and fruitful. With that, GM seeks to understand the individual characteristics of each athlete and make a plan that allows reaching the maximum in performance.

Knowing the importance of the role of an agent in the lives of the athletes, the company offers customized services with excellence, in order to meet customer expectations and market demands. From Belo Horizonte to the world, GM conquered space in the biggest international volleyball teams and today it is present all over the globe, carrying out negotiations with European, South American and Asian Clubs. Currently, Team GM's clients are prominent names in volleyball and talents who make history in the sport in Brazil.


Gegê, as the company's founder is known, has been working as a sports agent since 2012. After leaving the courts, he graduated in Law, became a lawyer and chose to continue working in the sport. Today he works with big names in volleyball, athletes in all Brazilian teams (youth and adults) and also from other nationalities. His main objective is to promote and manage the athlete’s careers, respecting each history, individuality, essence and values.


Molina was born in Havana, graduated in Physical Culture and Sport in Cuba. He moved to Brazil in 2013 when he started working as an athlete's agent. Bringing his experience as a coach, Molina is part of the GM Volleyball Agency team as an athlete’s agent and also technical observer of new talent.


After 18 years playing at high level in different leagues and countries, numerous national and international titles, Vinhedo is the newest member of TEAMGM, living in Poland, he is our agent in Europe. All experience and knowledge now at the service of our customers.