GM Volleyball Agency is a company that is specialised in the career management of premium volleyball athletes, aiming at respecting their individuality, understanding their essence, and respecting their values.

It all started with the story of its founder, Geraldo Maciel, who had enjoyed a solid career within the Brazilian volleyball environment, and who had been chosen to wear the Brazilian national squad jersey, and who has played next to great names of the sport. Despite the challenges he has faced in his career as a professional spiker - and even overcoming a knee injury - Geraldo has always considered volleyball as his great passion and has decided to dedicate his life to sports outside the court as an agent.

He brought his sports court experience into his business, bringing knowledge enough to start managing careers which were already successful and, in particular, whose names could go unnoticed to untrained eyes.

To him, the success of an athlete consists of variables such as talent, discipline, practice, dedication, and professionalism. Each element contributes to the composition of a complete individual, from all perspectives. The agency service is essential in this context and even assists the professional with the addition of each ingredient at the right proportion so that a career is successful and profitable. With this, GM seeks to understand the individual characteristics of each athlete and to plan, so that peak performance is achieved.

Understanding the importance of the role an agent plays in the lives of each athlete, the company offers customised services with excellence to meet customer expectations and market demands. From Belo Horizonte to the world, GM has owned its space among the most exceptional international volleyball teams, and today, it is present all around the world, negotiating with European, South American, and Asian clubs. Today, Team GM has a bold portfolio, with skilled and talented names who have been in the spotlight in the Brazilian scenario.


Also known as Gegê, the company founder has been working as a sports agent since 2012. After leaving the sports courts, he went to Law School, became an attorney and chose to continue working with sports. Today, he works with some of the most prominent volleyball athletes from the Brazilian (base or adult) and also international squads. His highest objective is to manage the career of volleyball players, respecting each person’s history, individuality, essence, and values.


Born in Havana and a Physical Culture and Sports undergraduate in Cuba, Molina moved to Brazil in 2013, when he started acting as a sports agent. With his sports coach experience, today, he is part of GM Volleyball Agency’s team as a sports agent and a new talent technical observer.


After 18 years playing at high level, different countries and leagues, numerous national and international titles, Vinhedo is the new member of TEAMGM, living in Poland, he is our man in Europe. All experience, and knowledge now at the service of our clients.